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    Thermocouple daily attention to points

    In fact, under the thermocouple compensation wire no problem, I estimate that there may be quality issues he chose thermocouple. General thermocouple are 800 ° or more, can not often bad. As long as the usual attention to some details on it.

    1, is a brittle ceramic thermocouple, please note custody.
    2, thermocouple wire itself quality problems, mainly by material and product quality issues.
    3, you have a gap between the thermocouple ceramic tubes, and the head should be 1.5mm-2mm edge, and zirconia tube height, zirconium bottom of the tube in contact with the thermocouple head, think of ways to overcome them.
    4, thermocouple corrosive damage.
    5, select the appropriate thermocouple, after installation, with plastic seal.
    6, tin furnace temperature is not constant temperature (solid state relay heat can be a problem)

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