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    • [2014/10/07]Thermocouple daily attention to points

      In fact, under the thermocouple compensation wire no problem, I estimate that there may be quality issues he chose thermocouple. General thermocouple are 800 ° or more, can not often bad. As long as the usual attention to some details on it. 1, is..

    • [2014/10/07]What high-quality thermal resistance characteristics

      Thermal resistance is mainly used in steel smelting, chemical production, metal fabrication woven gold and many other manufacturing industries, thermal resistance using advanced science and technology, intuitive showing the production process automation monitoring. High quality power value display controller has a lot of quality characteristics, the following, we simply tell you force value is displayed several characteristics control device Features one: high-quality thermal resistance has a s..

    • [2014/10/07]2014 The 11th China International Hardware Fair

      2014 The 11th China International Hardware Fair

    • [2014/10/07]Thermocouple market is about to enter a rapid development period

      From our first thermocouple manufactured to now, has lasted 50 years, through constant technological innovation and practical use, and market demand and improve the level of industrial technology, more and more varieties of thermocouples, features an..

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